Volunteers Needed – Art Contest – Irene Ferguson Award

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum – Volunteers Needed – Art Contest – IRENE FERGUSON AWARD

Looking for a few good volunteers!

Join the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum – (No experience or military service required)
Contact: Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum
e-mail: flhf@flyingleathernecks.org


2020 Art Contest
2020 Art Contest Submission Form

Submissions are due April 6, 2020.

Please remind the artist to keep the original of their artwork since it will need to be delivered to the museum if they become a finalist.

The student questionnaire (available on the website) plus a photo of the artwork should be attached to this form. Parents/Guardians or Teachers, not students, should submit the entries for the contest.

Contact Kristie Doran
Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation

IRENE FERGUSON AWARD – Marine Wife Recognition
To honor and highlight the resiliency, strength, and dedication that United States
Marine Corps wives embody as they support our military community and country.


PH: (858) 693-1723
e-mail: flhf@flyingleathernecks.org
Visit: 4203 Anderson Ave. SD, CA 92145
Mailing: P.O. Box 45316 SD, CA 92145

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