Women Gone Wild & SheTalks Red Carpet Extravaganza (June 17th)

Women Gone Wild Wealth Book Launch & SheTalks Red Carpet Extravaganza!
June 17th at Barnes & Noble | 11:00am-1:00pm | Huntington Beach

The event will feature 20 speakers and women entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and expertise on topics related to the WILD definition. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other women, gain valuable insights, and become more empowered in their financial decision-making. Don’t miss this event!


WGW SheTalks Event

The Women Gone Wild Wealth Book launch is partnering with SheTalks, a women’s empowerment event, to celebrate the launch of their new book, which focuses on re-defining wealth and empowering women to build their own financial success.

The book offers insights and strategies for wealth creation and management, with a focus on the meaning of W.I.L.D.

W for Wealth
I for Intuition
L for Leadership
D for Diversity

The partnership between Women Gone Wild Wealth and SheTalks highlights the importance of empowering women to take control of what they want out of life and redefine what wealth means to them. By offering a platform for women to share their stories and knowledge, SheTalks and Women Gone Wild are breaking down gender barriers and promoting empowerment for women.


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